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IMPAQT finalist for the Sustainable Business Awards 2021 in Turkey

The Intelligent Management System for IMTA developed by the IMPAQT project has been selected as a finalist in the category "Sustainable Innovation" thanks to the application submitted by Çamli, our [...]

Four years of IMPAQT work in four minutes of video

Thanks to IMPAQT, Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture has gone from being the great unknown in Europe to a viable alternative for the sector’s sustainable development. Now, it is time to say goodbye, [...]

IMPAQT handbook released

Four years of hard teamwork gave satisfactory progress in aquaculture sustainability, the IMTA's uptake and the technological advancement to enable efficient management of aquaculture farms. Many activities and materials are [...]

(BLOG) The Circular Business Model of multi-trophic aquaculture systems

Article produced by Leitat. In IMPAQT Project we have looked into the circularity of IMTA from a business perspective. To do so, we have worked in close collaboration with the [...]

The final newsletter of IMPAQT is now available!

The project has officially come to an end after four years of intense work. During this time, we have formed an international team of researchers and professionals from fields as […]

The effort has been worth: a note from IMPAQT coordinator

It has all been worth it to see the ambitious plans from the project proposal come to fruition. The IMPAQT project is a Horizon 2020 research and innovation action to […]

Benefits and challenges for algae production in IMTA systems

What is the role of algae in IMTA systems? What are the main benefits of their cultivation for producers, industry and society? In this interview, we discuss with expert Gamze [...]

(Blog) The IMPAQT Data Aggregator System: a edgeGateway build to operate under harsh environments

Article produced by Franck Le Gall, from EGM. In IMPAQT project, EGM has designed the Data Aggregator System (DAS), in charge of interfacing the sensors nodes (IADAS) deployed over the [...]

Reviewing IMPAQT progress at the pre-summer plenary meeting

Time again to meet —online— together and share the progress of the IMPAQT in the Plenary meeting held in early June. We are already at the beginning of summer and [...]

IMPAQT Newsletter #5 is now available!

Only 4 months left until the end of IMPAQT’s journey! However, our ambition to drive a paradigm shift in the European Aquaculture Industry towards the implementation of IMTA as a […]

Registraton open to our final event: Horizon4Aquaculture

We are happy to announce the launch of Horizon4Aquaculture. IMPAQT has joined forces with the EU H2020 funded projects GAIN and iFishIENCi to organize a three-day online event — 15th, 22nd and 29th June [...]

(Blog) Novel data and predictive analytics for supporting sustainable (IMTA) production

Article produced by WINGS. The overall objective of IMPAQT is to develop and validate in-situ a multi-purpose (inland, coastal and offshore productions), multi-sensing (heterogeneous sensors and new/emerging technologies) and multi-functional […]

(Blog) Data Science, non-invasive instruments, and IT for the Seafood Quality Assessment in the aquaculture sector.

Article produced by Anastasia Lytou, and George-John Nychas from the Laboratory of Microbiology & Biotechnology of Foods, Dept. of Food Science & Human Nutrition, from the Agricultural University of Athens. […]

IMPAQT training is here!

  IMTA is a relatively new concept in Aquaculture, and to help improve the understanding of the concept better, IMPAQT has prepared an online training course. The course is free […]

IMPAQT impressions about Aquaculture Europe 2020

The Aquaculture Europe event is one of the premier aquaculture events in Europe each year and is a key forum for presenting the latest research, developments and innovations in the […]

IMPAQT Newsletter #4 is now available!

  In March, the IMPAQT team prepared several materials and activities for an effective knowledge transfer. Moreover, collaborative work on the Intelligent Management System and IMTA is constantly progressing. This […]

IMPAQT project attends Aquaculture Europe 2020

Aquaculture Europe is a meeting place for the sustainable development of aquaculture and organized by the European Aquaculture Society (EAS). This year EAS celebrates AE2020 on-line and it will take [...]

(BLOG) Development of advanced IMTA models within IMPAQT project

Article produced by Deltares. The use of numerical models for IMTA In the planning stages of IMTA farms it is essential to get some information on a lot of aspects [...]

(BLOG) Making an IMPAQT: Ecosystem Services and Circularity

Article produced by Leitat. In IMPAQT project, Leitat is implementing a sustainable assessment methodology where environmental, social, and economic aspects are included and interrelated. Under the environmental perspective, ecosystem services [...]

IMPAQT Project partners celebrate first 2021 Plenary Meeting

IMPAQT held an online plenary meeting in February, where our 21 partners gathered virtually to plan, present and prepare on the project tasks. As WP2 and WP3 near completion we [...]

New IMPAQT video on EMS

New month, new video! On March 3rd, IMPAQT together with Unparallel launched a video on its EMS system. The Energy Management System (EMS) is a device that interconnects various components [...]

(BLOG) The development of novel sensors

Article produced by UNITOV In WP 2, UNITOV is carrying out the development of novel sensors aimed at measuring the concentration of nitrites and phosphate. The detection, in both cases, [...]

(BLOG) Road to efficient aquaculture and IMTA production

Article produced by SAMS. As part of Work Package 1 ‘Framework Specification and Architecture Design’ SAMS has been leading the completion of two deliverable documents in IMPAQT’s first year. Deliverable [...]

IMPAQT Newsletter #3 is now available!

  All the results of the project are now available just one click away. Take a look at our third newsletter where the main project developments are laid out and ready […]

Highlights from IMPAQT 2020 meetings!

With the migration from face-to-face to on-line meetings, collaborative work has become more challenging but the IMPAQT partners have met virtually on a number of occasions in 2020 to facilitate [...]

The EUMOFA “Blue bioeconomy report” 2020 edition is online!

The European Market Observatory for fisheries and aquaculture (EUMOFA) is a market intelligence tool on the European Union fisheries and aquaculture sector, developed by the European Commission. It aims to […]

IMPAQT Newsletter is now available!

All the results of the project are now available just one click away. Take a look at our second newsletter where the main project developments are laid out and ready […]

The UN Global Compact acknowledges IMPAQT!

The UN Global Compact is the world’s largest and most important initiative for responsible corporate leadership. The Global Compact Network in Ukraine is a part of the UN Global Compact […]

New IMPAQT video on IMS

On the 26th of October 2020, IMPAQT together with Leitat launched a video on its IMS system. But what is the IMS? IMS stands for Integrated Management System (IMS): is a […]

Our Project Video is out now!

On the 6th of October 2020, IMPAQT has launched its project video. This specific material is part of WP6 on communication and dissemination.  You soon be able to watch 5 […]

Successful seaweed farming with SAMS (video)

Join us on a short journey through SAMS Seaweed facilities and research, as we visit SAMS’ experimental seaweed farm near Oban on the beautiful west coast of Scotland, and the […]

(BLOG) Growing together to benefit all – the future of Aquaculture

Blog produced and published by the Marine Institute. The original blog can be found here. 05 June 2020 – As the demand for seafood has increased, technology has made it possible to […]

An interview to discover IMTA´ Site in The Netherlands: The Hague (Scheveningen)

Key points about this IMTA site in The Netherlands Name of the site: North Sea Innovation Lab Location: 12km at the coast of The Hague (Scheveningen) Type of aquaculture production: Offshore […]

(BLOG) A New Model of Aquaculture: Growing Different Species Together to Create a More Balanced Environmental System

Blog produced and published by Leitat. The original blog can be found here. The main idea about IMPAQT project is to foster integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA), meaning to grow different species together to […]

The IMPAQT platform was launched at the Marine Institute’s Lehanagh Pool IMTA pilot site

The Impaqt platform was launched at the Marine Institute’s Lehanagh Pool IMTA pilot site yesterday (20/04/2020), measuring nutrients and environmental parameters to help progress IMTA in Europe. Take a look […]

An interview to discover IMTA´ Site in Scotland: Port-a-Bhuiltin

Key points about this IMTA site in Ireland Name of the site: Port-a-Bhuiltin Location: West Coast of Scotland, United Kingdom Type of aquaculture production: Coastal Provided by: SAMS (The Scottish Association […]

An interview to discover IMTA´ Site in China: Sanggou Bay

Key points about this IMTA site in China Type of site: Bay-scale commercial IMTA site Location: Sanggou Bay, Shandong province, China Type of aquaculture production: Coastal aquaculture Provided by: YSFRI – […]

An interview to discover IMTA´ Site in Ireland: Lehanagh Pool

Key points about this IMTA site in Ireland Name of the site: Lehanagh Pool Location: Connemara, Co. Galway, Ireland Type of aquaculture production: Coastal aquaculture Provided by: Marine Institute Take a […]

An interview to discover IMTA´ Site in Ireland: Keywater Fisheries

Key points about this IMTA site in Ireland Name of the site: Keywater Fisheries Location: Cloonloo, Co. Sligo, Ireland Type of aquaculture production: Inland Freshwater Provided by: Marine Institute This IMTA site was […]

First IMTA-pilot on the North Sea

Ready? Set. Go! The first North Sea Mussel Module is now treading water! Water that is, from now on, being measured by our brand new NSIL Data Buoy. Yesterday, around […]


IMPAQT partners are happy to share with you our latest project´s newsletter where you will have access to the latest news and developments of the project! Take a look ! […]

IMPAQT partners meet again in Oban, Scotland!

On the 23rd and 24th May 2019, IMPAQT´s partners got together in Oban, Scotland, for the third consortium meeting of the project. Throughout this two-day meeting, the members of the […]

IMPAQT partners meet for the second time in The Netherlands!

    On 29th and 30th November, the partners of the IMPAQT project got together in The Hague, Netherlands, for the second consortium meeting of the project. Over two sessions, […]

Presentation of the first investigations of IMPAQT data aggregation service for Aquaculture at IoT Week in Etsi, Sophia Antipolis, France

  From 23 to 26 October 2018, EGM and WINGS presented the first investigations of IMPAQT data aggregation service for Aquaculture in ETSI IoT Week and oneM2M showcase. Wireless sensors […]

IMPAQT project will be present at ETSI IoT Week 2018

Easy Global Market, partner of the IMPAQT consortium, will be present at the ETSI IoT Week 2018 -which will take place on October 22-26 at Sophia Antipolis, in France.   [...]

Welcome to IMPAQT project’s website!

Welcome to IMPAQT! In this site you will find all the relevant information regarding the project, its development, and the consortium working behind it. At the "IMPAQT" section you can [...]

IMPAQT partners meet in Galway (Ireland) for the kick-off meeting

The twenty-one partners from the different countries which compose the IMPAQT consortium  attended to the project kick-off meeting, that took place on June 28th and was hosted by the coordinator, [...]