IMPAQT project attends Aquaculture Europe 2020

Aquaculture Europe is a meeting place for the sustainable development of aquaculture and organized by the European Aquaculture Society (EAS). This year EAS celebrates AE2020 on-line and it will take place on April 12-15, 2021, with morning plenary sessions and then breakout parallel sessions for oral and Eposter presentations. IMPAQT team will present its work and developments in different ways.

Making aquaculture more sustainable and bringing IT to this industry is one of IMPAQT’s motivation, contributing with tools and techniques to precision aquaculture. In this line, an overview of project’s objective and technological results will be presented in a webinar in the context of the Precision Aquaculture session. 

Many of our team will present some of the innovative developments through oral presentations and posters, mentioned below. Moreover, IMPAQT project will be one of the E-market exhibitors, and interaction with IMPAQT team will be possible through the E-market platform!


IMPAQT – An Intelligent Management System for Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture

Frank Kane, & Panagiotis Vlacheas

Co-culture of Atlantic Salmon (SALMO SALAR), Scallop (PECTEN MAXIMUS) and Kelp (ALARIA ESCULENTA) at a pilot scale multi species research site – IMPAQT PROJECT

Joanne Casserly, & Frank Kane

Modelling interactions and feedbacks between Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture and the receiving environment in the North and Aegean Seas

Lauriane Vilmin and Luca A. van Duren

Investigation of the microbiological quality and safety of farmed edible seaweeds Alaria Esculenta and Saccharina Latissima, obtained from Scotland (UK) in two different years

A. Lytou, E. Schoina, Y. Liu, N. Evangelopoulos, K. Michalek, M. Stanley, E. Panagou, & G-J. Nychas

Activity Based Resources Allocation (ABRA) model on assessing cost-effectiveness of IMTA installations

G. Malindretos, P. Kinanlis, J.Casserly, & F. Kane


Development of a Low-power Underwater NFC-Enabled Data Acquistion for Seaweed monitoring

C. Peres, M. Emam, H. Jafarzadeh, M. Belcastro, J. Casserly, F. Kane, & B. O’Flynn

Microbiological quality and safety of farmed seaweed Alaria Esculenta and Atlantic Salmon SALMO SALAR co-cultured in an Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture System

A. Lytou , D. Lymperi, J. Casserly, F. Kane, E. Panagou, & G-J. Nychas

An innovative platform for new circular aquaculture models: the case of Multi-trophic Systems (IMPAQT project)

Checa, D., Escamilla, M., & Sanchez, I.

IMPAQT – An Intelligent Management System for Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture - A case study: CAMLI pilot site

Seyma Tarkan & Kemal Can Bizsel

Applying IMTA to an Irish monoculture site for salmon production

Joanne Casserly, Frank Kane, & Michael Sammon

Biofilm and biofouling development on novel sensing surfaces in a marine Recirculated Aquaculture System

Eirini Schoina, Robert Daly, Pierre Lovera, Alan O' Riordan, Brendan O' Flynn, George-John Nychas