Registraton open to our final event: Horizon4Aquaculture

We are happy to announce the launch of Horizon4Aquaculture. IMPAQT has joined forces with the EU H2020 funded projects GAIN and iFishIENCi to organize a three-day online event — 15th, 22nd and 29th June — and work together in 3 key aspects for sustainable growth of aquaculture: Policy and RegulationCircularity, and Precision Aquaculture.

Horizon4Aquaculture invites researchers, aquaculture farmers, policymakers, national and pan-national aquaculture development organizations to join the conversation and contribute to the present and future of the sector.

The event starts on the 15th of June, with a session dedicated to discussing policies, practices, and regulations, analyzing gaps and opportunities along the entire value chain of aquaculture production, from pre-production to the consumer market. On the 22nd of June, the debate focuses on “Progress towards Circular Aquaculture”, bringing together experts in circular economy and aquaculture to share knowledge and views on what circularity means in aquaculture, how it should be addressed and measured, and how it can become part of the business for aquaculture producers. Finally, the 29th of June will highlight “Precision Aquaculture in the Blue Economy”, its demands and impacts regarding sustainability, cost-efficiency, and consumer confidence. This session includes a Demo Day to explore the latest innovative technologies developed by GAIN, iFishIENCi and IMPAQT, and see for yourself how they contribute to solve problems and optimize aquaculture production.

Get involved in the Horizon4Aquaculture!