The final newsletter of IMPAQT is now available!

The project has officially come to an end after four years of intense work. During this time, we have formed an international team of researchers and professionals from fields as diverse as education, research, biology, chemistry, marine sciences, engineering. People who have been able to overcome together the challenges of an ambitious proposal in its approach and execution.

Thanks to IMPAQT, Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture has gone from being the great unknown in Europe to a viable alternative for the sector’s sustainable development. Of course, there are still steps to be taken in research, industry, and policy, but we have set the necessary buoys to navigate it safely.

Our 6th and last newsletter summarize our latest achievements, but this is not the end. IMPAQT impacts are long-termed, and we will keep working to implement IMTA as a viable and more sustainable approach, advancing in the IMTA farms management and monitoring, disseminating the results and transferring knowledge.

Find out more in the IMPAQT Newsletter #6