IMPAQT partners meet for the second time in The Netherlands!



On 29th and 30th November, the partners of the IMPAQT project got together in The Hague, Netherlands, for the second consortium meeting of the project.

Over two sessions, the partnership discussed the progress of the project so far, and the forecast of the next steps to perform in the following months. Moreover, technical workshops were organized to deliberate on how to optimize the scientific-technical strategies developed to promote the eco-intensification of the European aquaculture industry.

The discussion focused on the design of an Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture system, which is one of the priorities of the project, as well as other aspects as the installation of the novel and off the shelf sensors, the development of IADAS and DAS architecture, remote sensing/crowdsourcing or data management.

The event also featured a guest speaker from the H2020 funded project Internet of Food and Farm 2020, who presented an overview of the objectives and expected impact of this initiative.