Benefits and challenges for algae production in IMTA systems

What is the role of algae in IMTA systems? What are the main benefits of their cultivation for producers, industry and society?

In this interview, we discuss with expert Gamze Turan (Ege University, Faculty of Fisheries Department) the challenges ahead and the potential that integrated multi-trophic aquaculture offers for seaweed. Gamze Turan is currently involved in Aquavitae and Astral Project, two EU-funded H2020 projects working with low-trophic species and IMTA systems. Seyma Tarkan, a fish health expert from Çamlı and pilot site leader in Turkey within the IMPAQT project, raised some critical issues for the development of integrated multi-trophic aquaculture: the need to provide a market outlet for all cultivated species, the essential and urgent support from legislators and consumers acceptance for IMTA products.

Listen to the full interview here: